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Felix Skalberg is a Gothenburg based dancer and choreographer from Ljusdal/Sweden.

Felix Skalberg has been working as a dancer and choreographer in both Sweden and abroad. In Sweden he has been creating pieces for 3 Våningen, Gothenburg Fringe Festival, Atalante, Region Gävleborg and The Swedish National Ballet School. In abroad he has been working with "The Kiss Moves" in Holland.

Skalberg is working to get several dimensions into the modern dance-scene och entertains the audience with dance, spoken dialogue and twisted humor



The work of Felix Skalberg

En Visa


En Visa was a commissioned piece for 3 Våningen in Gothenburg and was supported by Göteborgs Stad.

We get to follow two doctors who explore the dream that is the swedish folk song.

A piece were everything can happen and everything is possible.

Performed at: 3 Våningen (Gothenburg) and Träteatern (Järvsö)

Human Aquarium


Human Aquarium was a piece made for The Gothenburg Fringe Festival.

Nine dancers took over an aquarium and humans got to observe them selfs through the glas. How do we function and what happens when we think no one is watching?

Performed at: Sjöfartsmuseet (Gothenburg)



VI TVÅ premiered in 2018 at Atalante in Gothenburg. It is a piece about love, relationships and the complications it can cost.

The piece was supported by Göteborgs Stad, Rum för Dans and Danscentrum Väst.

Performed at: Atalante (Gothenburg) and Borås Stadsteater.


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